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Every hair on our body follows a natural growth cycle. The hair on our head goes through shedding cycles, and so do our lashes. The lash cycle will continue even with eyelash extensions because they are applied to one individual eyelash. It is important to know exactly what the lash shedding cycle is, why it happens and how it affects lash extensions.

Each individual eyelash will reach a certain length, fall out, and then re-grow (Anagen, Catagen, Telogen). When a natural lash matures and falls out, a new lash has already begun growing and quickly replaces the fallen lash. A lash artist will be able to see the baby hair visually whereas the average person won’t be able to notice this process.

The average person loses up to 20% of their natural lashes every two weeks and new hair growth is constant. Lash cycles occur every 2-3 months. As you start seeing your lash artist regularly, by your third or fourth fill you may noticeably see fewer lashes because you are nearing the end of your lash cycle.

Our hair follicles go through “Seasonal Molting” which is seasonal shedding of hair. You may notice more hair loss in fall. With the new season, comes temperature changes and you may notice your extensions shedding at a faster rate than usual.

It is ok to get your lashes wet after the service. However, avoid extreme heat, and steam for the first 24 hours.

Cleanse lashes DAILY with a gentle, water-based cleanser. If you wear a lot of makeup, wash once to first remove make up and then a second time to cleanse the face. Buildup on the lash line may lead to blehpharitis, (inflammation of the eyelash follicle) an eye infection, or worse demodex (eye mites)

Be careful when applying oily face/eye creams. If it comes in contact with the extensions it will break down the bond of attachment faster.

Be gentle! No rubbing, pulling, or plucking extensions

Be careful around heat such as ovens, bbq’s and lighters, it will singe and disfigure the tips of the extensions.

·NO mascara, liquid liners, gel liners, or organic solvents such as oils, glycols or carbomers. Those ingredients will break down the cyanoacrylate adhesive and cause the extensions to pop off. They will also result in a sticky buildup residue on the base of the extensions that may lead to an eye infection. If you must wear eyeliner use a dark powder with an angle brush or use a felt tip eyeliner instead. We recommend the non-waterproof liquid liner from the Sephora house brand. Click Here to purchase.

Sleep on your back – whichever side you sleep on you will lose more extensions on that side.

Brush your lashes regularly everyday to keep them neat and tidy.

DO NOT tint, perm or curl the extensions.

Oily skin types experience shedding at a faster rate. We recommend wiping your lids throughout the day to prevent oil build up on the extensions. Hormonal imbalances, extreme stress, taking antibiotics or immunosuppressants may also affect your lash growth cycle. Iron deficiency, lack of nutrients may cause lash loss. Thyroid disease is also known to result in poor lash retention.

As you can see there are numerous factors that may cause lash fall out. If you feel your eyelash extensions are falling out at a faster rate than normal please do not hesitate to contact us and we will work together to find out the cause. Always remember the cleaner you keep them the longer they last!