eyelash extensions


classic Set

Classic lash extensions are applied individually one by one to each natural eyelash. This set is perfect for clients who want a natural look with added length and curl. For this set we recommend fills every 3 weeks to maintain a full look. 

*Up to 130 lashes per eye

*Looks will vary depending on health of natural lashes/eyeshape/etc.


Volume set

These super light extensions, consisting of anywhere from 3-6 extensions are hand crafted into an individual "fan" that are carefully attached to a single natural lash.

The volume set is very customizable and versatile. Depending on the look you want to achieve, we can make them anywhere from natural-fluffy to dense-fluffy. 

The volume technique is the most ideal because clients are able to go longer in between fills while still maintaining a full look. 


mega volume set

This is the crème de la crème of all lash sets. The most fine and ultra soft extensions are used to meticulously handmake a "fan," consisting of anywhere from 7-15 featherlight extensions that wrap around a single lash.

This set is suitable for all clients, especially those who have sparse/fine/weak natural lashes but want to achieve the fullest look possible.

Contrary to misconceptions, this set is the lightest of all sets. 

Lash Extensions

hybrid Set

The Hybrid Set is a mixture of classic and volume lashes. It is great for clients who want that full fluffy look without the denseness.