Brow Shaping

EyeBrow Shaping

Healthy full brows are here to stay! Visit us for a thorough consultation to achieve a custom eyebrow shape that complements your face shape. Our eyebrow shaping process involves waxing, tweezing and trimming to ensure accuracy. Light make-up application is included to complete the look! Combine tinting with your brow shaping to darken your colour and achieve more defined brows. The look appears as if you used a brow pencil. The tint is comprised of safe vegetable-based pigment. Eyebrow tinting lasts 2-3 weeks and is very low maintenance, carry on as you would with your natural brows.  


$25 Brow shaping 

$35 Brow shaping + tinting

$50 Brow shaping by Master Brow Artist

$60 Brow shaping + tinting by Master Brow Artist